6 qt ROASTER with HIGH DOME COVER, 4 qt ROASTER (small sizes) & MINI DOME



  • Beef (rare) 10 min./lb.
  • Lamb (leg) 20 min./lb.
  • Beef (medium) 15 min./lb.
  • Pork 20 min./lb.
  • Beef (well done) 20 min./lb.
  • Poultry 15 min./lb.
  • Ham (fresh) 25 in./lb.
  • Veal 20 min./lb.


Dry meat. Always preheat roaster on medium heat. Use water beads or a papertowel to make sure heat is correct before searing meat. Sear each side 5 minutes. If cooking any vegetables with roast, add them after searing the first side. Place dome cover on roaster. DO NOT REDUCE HEAT YET. When bubbling around the cover lip begins, water seal is beginning to form. GRADUALLY reduce heat to low to retain gentle bubbling and moisture around the rim of the roaster. The moisture is the seal, it is NOT an indication that your heat is too high. Depending on your stove, it will take 5 to 15 minutes to get a seal.
If cooking less than 5 Pounds of roast, choose the smaller container. Utensil Cooking meats medium rare to rare, sometimes it is better if the meat is tenderized first.
When cooking 3 – 5 Pounds in the 6qt Dutch Oven, it usually takes about 1 to 1 ½ hours to cook after the water seal is formed. You can always cook it longer on simmer if you wish. Flat cuts, such as the blade roast, should be cooked in the size utensil which best fits the cut.

Gravy Recipe

For a 4 to 5 Pound roast, use ½ cup flour or ¼ cup corn starch, plus ½ cup of water or enough water to make it easy to pour. For longer roasts, double the ingredients.

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